Mulch Delivery and Install

Mulch Delivery & Installation

New mulch makes your entire property look fresh and well maintained. Mulch is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers many benefits to your plants. It helps retain moisture in the soil, reduces soil temperatures, and inhibits weed growth. We provide a wide variety of different mulches and can install or deliver only.

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Mulch Delivery & Installation options:


Shredded Hardwood

Our most popular mulch option. Hardwood mulch has a medium brown color and typically lasts for one season. This is the mulch you see most often in our area. Be careful of low quality, low priced mulch mixes. Some mulch is mixed with inferior grade wood or yard waste.  Our mulch is 100% hardwood.



Enviromulch is produced by recycling pallets and adding a dye to achieve a variety of different colors. The most common colors are brown and red, and are typically seen in commercial applications. It tends to take longer to decompose due to the density of the wood, but has a tendency to fade slightly from sun exposure over the season.



Hemlock mulch has the darkest brown color of all the mulch that we carry.  This mulch, a conifer product, tends to have a finer consistency and longer decomposition time than shredded hardwood.

Play Chips

Playground Chips

Named for the place where it’s most commonly found, this mulch is very similar to the shredded hardwood. It has the same light to medium brown appearance but comes in larger pieces or “chips” that take longer to decompose because of their size.


Rotted Granite

Rotted granite is commonly used for paths and walkways because it is easy to install, has the ability to be compacted and provides color and beauty to your landscape.  Rotted granite is basically granite that has fractured into very small pieces. We can readily deliver both red and brown rotted granite.


Mississippi Stone

Tired of installing fresh mulch every year. Mississippi stone is a common replacement for mulch in landscape beds and tree rings. This stone comes in a variety of sizes and when installed properly it will provide years of maintenance free enjoyment.


Traffic Bond

A finely crushed limestone product that is commonly used for gravel driveways and as a base material for patios, walkways, and retaining walls. We have this material in stock and ready for delivery.

PS Soil

Plant Starter

Plant Starter is a mix of soil, black peat, aged composted manure and washed sand. This mixture provides essential nutrients and reduces compaction around new plantings. We use plant starter in our landscape bed installations and have found this soil to be much better for the establishment of new plants.

T Soil

Top Soil

Have you ever tried to use fill to repair lawn damage,  plant new grass or install sod? Large clumps, stones and other debris can make this a task more difficult than necessary. Our screened top soil can provide a nice consistent texture that is ideal for those do-it-yourself renovation jobs.


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